Krav Maga (Practical self-defence)
February 20, 2014

So myself and Sasha are on a mission to learn self-defence, as part of the #KickAssTour we have embarked on where we basically learn how to well, KICK ASS!

We went to our first class last night at The Warriors of Faith Martial Arts and it was SUPER fun and educational!

I must admit I thought there would be more exercise, there was a bit of a warm up to start that I found relatively easy.  We did a BIT of strength training and then went straight into the self-defence part, to summarise I now know how to get away from a pretty hectic man grip.

The most vital things to know about Krav Maga

  1. Go for the eyes
  2. Go for the groin
  3. Make space between yourself and your attacker so you can hit him in the groin
  4. Hit and run, run away FAST!

The things I enjoyed the most about Krav Maga:

  • Our instructor looked like Gary Dourdan (which was not shit to look at)



  • Men, men EVERYWHERE.  There must have been about 20 people in the class (4 of them were girls) 2 of the men were over 6 foot and blonde (Vikings do Krav Maga too which was fun to find out). Single ladies, take note of this point.
  • The camaraderie.  Everyone knew everyone’s name in the class, and the instructors call every by name (It’s human instinct that we like being called our names), there was a lot of fun drills and joking around, but it was very serious when it should be serious, and I like that.  At the end of the class everyone got in a hug circle (I can’t think of another way to explain it) and the class was ended with a primal chant type thingy, very Survivor.  I liked it.

I don’t think Krav Maga is for me,  I am excited to try out Kick Boxing next week though.

I do think for girls especially it is VERY important that you do at least ONE Krav Maga Self-defence class, I learnt practical things that I hopefully never have to use but should I ever be in a terrible situation I will at least know now how to get away.

Should you be interested in trying out a class here are all the details:

Fabian:  + 27 84 500 1510

Juan: +27 76 099 7654

e-mail: info@wfma.co.za

Website: www.wfma.co.za

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  1. He so did look like Gary Dourdan! Nice one Punky.
    Lotsa Love
    Ginger Ninja

    1. Thank you for the kind words about our Krav classes:)We enjoyed having you and look forward to seeing more of you. Guarantee the Kickboxing and Muay-Thai classes will have more fitness, as they are ring sports. Enjoy your day. See you soon. Keep safe!

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