Do you even Muay Thai, bro?
March 11, 2014

I went on to Wikipedia to research this post because I am a serious blogger.

If you search “Muay Thai champion who nearly killed a man with one blow to the head with a pinky finger” my name may pop up, just saying.  I am that badass now, ok wait let me rephrase that before Jackie Chan tries to take me on one-on-one, I FEEL that bad ass.

I can now do the following:

  • Round house kick
  • Jab
  • Upper Cut
  • Cobra Punch
  • Spinning Elbow
  • Mid-Air Elbow Strike
  • Reverse Horizontal Elbow
  • Diagonal Knee Strike
  • Axe Heel Kick

And I am only lying about being able to do like, 90% of those things – but hey, those are all things James Bond had to learn how to do to get his Killing Licence and all things you will be able to do if you take up Muay Thai.

Cobra Punch, it sounds bad ass (I am pretty sure if you get it in the eyes its lethal too, much like a Cobra – I should research that when I become a serious blogger)

I really had fun trying out all the different disciplines, even if getting hit so badly in the ribs in Krav Maga cracked the damn things leaving me in pain for Kick boxing and Muay Thai…

Guys will love it cos you get to fight in a controlled environment, and play the “who’s stronger than who” game while mastering some great techniques.  It’s a must.

Girls will love it cos you will get a serious workout (Burpee’s for days!) and learn some great techniques that could help you get out of a potentially terrifying situation one day

If I had to rate the whole experience it would look something like this

Rating Muay Thai



I haven’t decided yet if I will be signing up, with my gym schedule at the moment getting to Randburg to train may be a bit of a mission but I am considering it cos it was just so. much. fun!


If you do want to sign up I HIGHLY suggest you use these guys (they made my experience THAT much better):

Fabian:  + 27 84 500 1510

Juan: +27 76 099 7654

e-mail: info@wfma.co.za

Website: www.wfma.co.za





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