Kicked Kick boxings ass!
March 4, 2014

Week two of #KickAssTour and I don’t mean to brag or anything but I am pretty sure that although I may not kick any ass, I could hurt a person by now or at least open a can of whip ass on them like this

Panda Fight


Kick boxing was fun, Krav Maga was fun too but I think Kick boxing is more my vibe.  I was so stiff the day after our kick boxing class, I had to wear tights as pants cos my arms hurt so much from doing press ups that pulling jeans on was just too much effort

There were way more girls doing Kick boxing too, which was way less intimidating than Krav Maga.

I must say the thing I am loving the most about these classes are the ridiculously rad humans who teach them… Juan and Fabian are the raddest.  They make the classes! You are going to get a workout and learn how to defend yourself doing any martial arts class, but if you want to ENJOY the classes and have fun and want to go back, you need to go to  Warriors of Faith Martial Arts and train with Juan and Fabian.  Trust me on this one

Kick boxing was fun though, lots of kicking (weird that) which I managed to do with cracked ribs so I feel like a hero! Out of Krav Maga and Kick boxing I preferred Kickboxing, but do the classes and find out for yourself!


You can get hold of Juan and Fabian via the following:

Fabian:  + 27 84 500 1510

Juan: +27 76 099 7654

e-mail: info@wfma.co.za

Website: www.wfma.co.za


Next up on #KickAssTour (tomorrow) Muai Thai (which is not a food even though it sounds like it, which makes me hungry

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  1. […] were healing from our Krav Maga injuries so took it a bit easy. Check out Punky’s awesome post here.  There were lots of sit ups, leg stretches and jumping jacks involved. The trainers at Warriors […]


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