Being nice is a habit.
February 5, 2015 By Justine Joy

Just like how happiness can be taught, so can kindness. Or at least I think it can. Since this is MY blog, what I think is what is accepted around here (writers privileged).

I have always wanted to help the less fortunate, my family always say that my heart is too big and that I can’t help everyone. This is true. I can’t help everyone, but I can help some people and some help is better than doing nothing which is what I have been doing.

When I was 14ish, I drove into Harare from the farm with my Mom and my sister on one of our many trips, we went to Avondale Village to rent a movie or get Take-away (a HUGE treat for a bunch of farmers from the middle of no where). Avondale where our flat is, has quite a large amount of street children and disadvantaged people walking around begging or selling their wares. Remember, during this time Zimbabwe was going through a massive economic crisis, sanctions meant that there was NO food in the shops and food (and takeaways at that) were scarce and considered very luxurious.

Empty Shelves Zimbabwe

A man came up to our car selling hand carved birds (the ones that nod their heads when you tap them which are popular with street merchants in Zim), I was waiting outside for my Mom and he approached me to buy the birds, a terrible sob story followed and it left me feeling sad and desperate to help him. We had no money on us, so my Mom couldn’t buy the bird. I cried. I STILL wonder about that man, if he survived, if he got food, if he is ok. I couldn’t do anything to help him that day, but I don’t every want anything like that to haunt me for so long ever again. So I have decided to be nicer and help people out, its not a habit of mine yet but I plan to make it one.

February is the month where I try to do a good deed a day, big or small. It’s my version of #RAK15 except I won’t be telling everyone what I do, because I won’t be doing it for anyone other than the person who I will be assisting.

In the last few years I have gone from being on a tight student budget to finally having spare cash, and although I still lust after Louis Vuitton luggage and travelling the world I thought I would start smaller and just to just do some good deeds. I encourage you all to give it a try too!
Anything from giving someone to a lift to buying a loaf of bread to the guy begging at the robot – if may seem small and trivial to you, but it won’t be to them.

Be kinder. Be nicer.

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