Easter Weekend, a summary
April 7, 2015

Easter when you are an orphan is never rad. Actually every family holiday sucks when you are an orphan. Let me get this straight though, I am not an orphan in that I have no family, but I am an orphan in that I had no family invitations to do anything over this family holiday. I filled my weekend up with friends, booze and food though so I will ended up winning.

My weekend of awesome started out me and 8 of my closest friends going to Rumours to watch Fuzigish. Man, I love me some dirty Ska-Punk in a dodgy bar. I wasn’t drinking because I was driving, but I still had a brilliant time. A picture is worth a thousand words, look at us jamming (Kate more than Karen and I!)
Fuzigish at Rumours

Saturday and Sunday were pretty active for me, I went running on both days (outside of the gym) and what I started of thinking was just going to be a “little walk/run” around the block turned into a 7.1km run/walk. It was the best. Man I love to run.

Nike Roshe Run

Then some “Humble brag” Fitbit stats


Last but not least, the gorgeous area I get to call “Home” – Houghton, Johannesburg is beautiful. Breathtaking to run thorough (even if it is an asshole because of all the hills)


My weekend was awesome, full of food with great friends, running, more food, walks in the park and being awesome.


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