Growing up
April 14, 2015

It isn’t often that i do a post that is in no way related to fitness, but I just feel like it’s time to start sharing something a little different. There is so much more to my life that getting healthy and going to gym, even if that is my pure focus from Monday to Friday.

Recently I have started noticing some things in my life that I am very excited about some and others that I am very sad about. Lucky for me I am more excited than sad.

I have always been very focused on goals. Goals. Goals. Goals. Once I reach a goal, I set a new one. I feel like having something to work towards ensures that you never become stagnant.
So I have some advice to share with whoever reads this post because a lot of my goals seem to have come true this year, and I have a feeling it’s my approach to life that allows such great things to happen to me, because I am not lying to you when I say that my life is pretty great.

1. Make a list – I once, ages ago wrote down a whole bunch of things I wanted out of this world. I wanted great friends, to be more active, to be financially stable, to become a thought leader in my industry etc. I have pretty much ticket off over 50% of the things I wanted to accomplish, off of my list. It’s a great feeling.


2. Set a deadline – If you want to do something, make sure it has a deadline otherwise you will keep on putting it off. If you want to lose 20kgs, say you will do it in 12 months, or 6 months but make sure you set a time frame that is realistic. I want to own my house one day, and I will but I still have a few years till my deadline, because houses aren’t cheap. I really want to live in a castle, any of these will do, thank you future Prince Charming.

3. Cut off the dead weight – Someone once told me this saying and it has stuck in my head for a long time, “People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a life time” it has always stuck with me. It’s ok to step away from friends and people who you out grow. You don’t need to cling onto people who are not good for you. It took me a long time to learn this, and I still battle. If someone upsets you, guess what? It’s ok to not be friends with them. Being a people pleaser I battle with this, but I am getting better and cutting off the people who pull me down instead of lift me up.

4. Say Yes! – I remember there was a time in my life when I was so reliant on my sister I would not go out if I couldn’t go out with her. She is loud, beautiful and out going, people want to talk to her and she was my comfort blanket. Then she moved to the UK and the thing I was most scared about was “Who will want to hang out with me, who will be my friend?” but I started saying yes to people who wanted to do things, things I necessarily wouldn’t want to do but things that got me out the house and out of my comfort zone. Now I say “Yes” to just about everything I am ever invited to.


5. Step outside of your comfort zone – I have met a lot of my friends off of Twitter, something that I never thought I would do 3 years ago. Some of my closest friends are people who I clicked with on Twitter and thought “I could be friends with this person in real life”, so I made an effort to. There are far too many of them to mention but a few who come to mind are Karen, Emma, Kim G, Kimmy Banks, Dieter, Robyn and Jane. One of my best friends, Michelle only became closer to me after following me on Twitter (We were acquaintances before) because she thought I was funny. Step outside of your comfort zone and meet rad, like-minded people – some of them will be shit (I can think of one or two who I really regret meeting) but the majority will be AWESOME.
I mean look at all these rad humans, LOOK AT THEM!

My friends

In a nutshell, I have grown up a lot.
I have had to step back from some negative people, which always sucks but being selfish is ok too. (PS. It’s ok to be selfish)
My job is brilliant. My friends are the best. My dreams are becoming a reality. Life is good and so is growing up!

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  1. hey! That name looks familiar! Hello, face. You’re pretty rad too, Jus. Pretty damn rad.


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