April 16, 2015

Do any of you use Timehop? Its a great app that links to all your social accounts and shows you what you were up on this day 3 or 4 years ago. It’s brilliant and one that you should definitely download.

Today my Timehop showed me where I was a few years ago and I though I would share the image with you all.

I have said this so many times but until you yourself see a difference you don’t really realise that there is a difference.
I still wake up every day feeling exactly how I felt 4 or 5 years ago, seeing pictures like the one below makes me think “oh shit Justine, you have made some flippin’ progress guuuuurl!”

The picture on the left was about 3 years ago, I had already lost 25kg odd and I actually remember seeing this pic posted on my Facebook and thinking to myself, “Dayme girl you look so thin” (LOL LOL LOL!)
The picture on the right is me three days ago trying on skinny jeans in the Woolies changing room in Sandton City (I have lost 2.3 kgs since that picture cos those jeans were a size 38 and VERY tight, they made me feel fat! How am I size 32/34 in some stores and a f**king 38 in Woolies? HOW?)

Weightloss transformation

So if you feel like you want to give up, if those last 3kgs are just NOT coming off, or if you are fighting a bigger battle and trying to lose 20 or 30kgs, remember you can do it! Take pictures. Document it, so you can show everyone (and especially yourself) how far you have come!

I feel like this today.
*Does the skinny bitch happy dance*



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