Weekend of Awesome.
April 13, 2015

I made an effort to make sure I did a lot of cool stuff this weekend. It’s awesome being busy, I hate when the weekend ends and you feel like you haven’t done anything.

I went on a run on Saturday morning, running on treadmills all week is fun and I love it but there is nothing like getting out on the streets and dominating them! I am also VERY lucky that my area is so beautiful to run in. The ONLY down side of my area is that running out is all downhill and running home is uphill, so running home is always waaaaay tougher! Sometimes I don’t monitor how far out I have run and then am like ‘Flippin’ hell! Now I have to run 4kms UPHILL to get home”

Running with someone it rad too. My friend took this picture of me at the start of our run and it’s always cool to see a pic and notice how my body is changing (for the better) as I get fitter. I have always carried my weight on my legs and my legs are FINALLY starting to slim down!

Run Pic

Life wise, I have basically been owning shit. Great new job, great friends, interesting things are happening that I have always wanted and sometimes we forget our “Goals list” – I had a look back on mine and the things I have wanted are all started to find me. It’s awesome. So to have a little “mini celebration” I bought myself a pair of sexy new sneakers.
Make sure you reward yourself when you hit little goals, if you don’t, no one else is going to.

How sexy are my new shoes, you guys?

Nike trainers


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