Pilates, check.
August 3, 2015

Last Sunday Johlet from New Beginnings Pilates held a free Pilates Class in Maboneng.
My initial thoughts when I signed up were “Justine, you are going to be way to hung over on a Sunday morning to make this 9am class but you have said you will be there, so you better get your ass up and out of bed” – Man am I glad I did.
Pilates is fun. Pilates is a workout that doesn’t feel like you are working out, which is basically perfect.

I don’t like feeling exhausted and on the brink of passing out from hitting the gym to hard (I know because I have on many occasions had my lunch try to say ‘Hello’ to everyone in the weights section section from lifting to heavy and pushing myself way to hard… That is also how to get results sadly)

The Pilates class I went to was super fun, I didn’t break a sweat and enjoyed every second of it. I also liked that I didn’t leave a sweaty mess but could feel that my abs and thighs had done something. The next morning they definitely knew that they had done something, and I was impressed. I was as stiff as I would have been from doing a serious weights session.
I have since then done a Pilates class at Virgin Active and it was great (it wasn’t as great at Johlet’s because she gives you MUCH more personal attention which obviously is much better).

I am a Pilates convert and although I am not sure how great it is for weight loss and toning I do know that it is great for posture and feeling awesome and being stiff afterwards means it is doing something, and that is all that matters.
I am still going to be running and doing weight training but I am happy to be adding Pilates into the mix.

Johlet is going to be doing more free classes and if you are interested you should follower on Twitter to find out more and ask her any SERIOUS Pilates questions that you do have.
You can follower her on Twitter here: NB__Pilates


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