Banting: Week One
July 18, 2018

Banting, it’s not the trendiest diet or way of eating anymore but I thought I would give it another try. I did banting before about a year ago and I actually put on weight (this was my own fault and I will get into that in a bit so you don’t make the same mistake)

Since saying that I am doing Banting, I have been blown away by the number of people who have reached out to me and who are doing or have been doing Banting it for a long time. I like that, I like that it is not a fad and this is a way that I can live my life. I am so sick of being on a strict diet that doesn’t allow me to have a glass of wine, or go out for dinner because there will be nothing on the menu that I can eat.
Banting changes all that. Banting lets me eat and make good food choices that can be found just about anywhere. That is cool, that I like.

My sister had lost about 12kg on Banting about 2 years ago and that is when I jumped on the bandwagon and tried Banting myself. I put on weight and it was heartbreaking. Doing it the second time over I now realise why, I hadn’t done enough research. Going into banting the second time around I also learnt what to look out for when I read labels and for this, I have the lovely Cara Fay to thank. I didn’t know Cara had lost some weight but I saw on her Instagram stories that she had, she then went onto say something about keeping things under 10g of Carbs per 100g, all of a sudden things clicked for me. I do not know how to read labels (something that SHOULD be taught in schools along with tax) and that simple and easy way to read labels that Cara so easily typed out on her Instagram stories, was the ammunition I needed to get my A into G and really give this banting thing a try. I also know Sharon, from The Blessed Barrenness is doing banting and it’s cool to follow along on someone’s journey at the same time as you, it has really helped to keep me in check as well as find out some banting products and meal ideas.

The second time around with banting, I actually read The Real Meal Revolution book that I bought 2years ago, instead of just having it sit on my coffee table. I read every damn page and took notes and learnt things, and it got me so ready and excited to start.

Mark and I had planned to do a monthly food shop because we spend far too much money on buying food on the ago, so we headed to Pick N Pay and Woolies and I got all the good fat food I could find. Guys, it was wise starting Banting in Avocado season, I can see why people complain about the price of Avo’s. Out of season R50 an avo can break a banters bank account. Anyways, so far I am not complaining about avo prices and consuming them daily making delicious avo things.

Banting Food Prep

So far I am a week in and I am feeling so great, I have lost 3kgs and am really loving how easy it is to eat anything I want as long as it only has 10g of carbs in it per 100g (or less actually as I really want to get into a Keto state and burn that damn fat)
Reading labels is so easy now (thank so you much Cara, I really should have said something on your Instagram account but you have NO idea how much that helped me).
I am enjoying eating Bacon, Avocado and Eggs for breakfast and I feels too good to be true. I have stocked up on coconut oil and butter and tonight I plan to have a steak and salad, or one of the Woolies soups that I bought (under 10g of carbs, of course).
Just something important to note, I am trying to make sure that even with the good fat I am eating that I am still getting in lots of greens and not too much protein (never more than a palm size piece of protein). I can probably scale down on dairy, but I am addicted to cappuccinos (part of the reason why I decided on Banting, I am just NOT willing to give up cappuccinos).

So, that is week one down and I am excited to carry on eating how I have been and seeing the scale and cm’s around my body decrease too. It’s awesome to feel happy and excited to be eating things I enjoy and look forward to, guilt-free (That hasn’t happened in a long time).




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