A month of Virgin Active classes – June Fitness Challenge
July 1, 2018

Why a Fitness Challenge?
I knew I needed something to push me that was hard, but still doable. I thought of something that was already part of my life (in that I was paying for it already) and probably not using enough, my Virgin Active membership came to mind.
I was in a rut. Eating badly. Not making the most of my time. Not looking after myself and not fitting into my skinny jeans. I decided it was time to take back control of my health, my fitness and burn some damn calories and that is how the Fitness Challenge was born.

For the month of June, my fitness challenge for myself was to attend a Virgin Active class every day for the full month.

Why classes?
1. I prefer to be told what to do when I am working out
2. I like to know that I am not using machines wrong, or potentially hurting myself by doing something incorrectly.
3. I push myself more when I know someone is watching what I am doing
4. There is a schedule of when the classes are and I can plan my activities around those times
5. Classes would allow me to diversify my training and make sure that I was always keeping my body guessing (that’s a really good thing apparently)

I have failed at a lot of challenges, and I think like most people my goal is too long-term and you lose sight of it. I did a month, because it takes 21 days to make a habit, and 30 days is not that long in the greater scheme of things.
I decided that a month was something I could do. It didn’t seem daunting.
Girls Running
I am now on day 30 of my June #ConstruTHIN challenge (you can follow that hashtag on all social media platforms to see my progress, and if you want to get involved, you can use it too!), and I actually can’t believe how in 30 days, how drastically my fitness has changed for the better.
You can follow my day by day tweets of every single class I went to and how I felt on that day on Twitter here –> #ConstruTHIN Tweets It’s a thread, so open it up and get your thumb scrolling.

If I look back to the first tweet on the 1st if June where I did a Grid class which is to summarize just a high-intensity training class man I battled. I huffed and I puffed and I had to stop for multiple water breaks and to catch my breath. By day 27 I did the same class and it was a breeze, I worked up a sweat for sure but at no point was I like, “Jesus, is that you? Has the time come for you to take me?”

I quickly found out that my favourite class is Rumble, and I highly recommend that you try it out if you haven’t.
The ONLY issue I had with Rumble, and it’s not REALLY an issue for everyone is that my hands hurt a lot. I got blisters on my one finger from the boxing gloves rubbing against my skin which made follow up classes harder as the wound never had time to heal. That being said, the highlight of this WHOLE challenge was when at my class on the 23rd of June, the trainer said the lady that I was paired with and myself were the fittest two, and that if any newcomers who were unsure of what to do, they must “Copy this girl, and try to keep up”. Guess who “this girl” was? It was ME! That was the point that I realized how far I had come, from feeling like I was dying and couldn’t go on in my first Rumble class to the being the girl who was on point in every section of the class for the full 45 mins to an hour.
I was so proud of myself you guys, I think my heart burst out my chest and I couldn’t wipe the stupid grin off my face for the rest of the class.

So to keep this short and sweet, this is what I learnt as well as the results I have had from my June #ConstrucTHIN challenge:
– There is always time to work out. If you say that you don’t have time to go to the gym, you are making excuses. Make the time.

– Classes work. I always thought that classes were naff, to be totally honest. It’s always full of old woman, but guess what… That’s JUST in Just Dance, Pilates, Yoga and Zumba oh and Water Aerobics. The rest of the classes are full of people who are fit as f**k, have bodies to die for and like a hard session where they don’t have to think about their exercises and just want to have fun and work up a sweat.

– You will get fit. I am so much fitter. My legs feel stronger and my arms are starting to get definition, I feel like a babe, to be honest.

– You’ll make friends with the regulars. For all those single people who are like ‘but I never meet people at the gym,’ I call bulls**t because I know 6 more people this month, just from being friendly and chatting at the gym. Granted they are girls or like 45+ but then again, I ain’t single.

– You will sweat. Man, I have sweated. I am talking drops dripping off my nose and onto the floor kinda sweat, and you know what is great… I didn’t want to stop, I wanted to sweat more.

– It’ll make gym fun. The music is great and loud and most of the time you feel like you are in a club just casually doing burpees like it’s your party trick than in an actual gym class. Seriously, guys, I cannot recommend classes enough

– You will lose weight. Have a look at my results:

JustineJoyIt Fitness Challenge Results

I have set myself a July #construcTHIN challenge to, which you can find all about if you follow me on my social media
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So, get active. Set a challenge that is short term. Stick to your challenge and I can promise you, you will feel better at the end of it. I know I do.

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  1. You’ve motivated me! I love Rumble classes, but my problem is I get lazy. It’s only when I actually drag my ass to the gym that I realise how much fun I’m having.

  2. I’m leaving a comment to say HELLS YES, WELL DONE! Because readers never comment on blogs anymore and that’s just bullshhhirt. You look so damn radiant in your photo at the end of this post. Good on you for doing 30 classes in a row. I don’t think I’ve even managed 30 healthy meals in a row, never mind getting off my butt and into a gym.


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