Cappuccinos are the best
August 5, 2018

I love Cappuccinos. Do you guys have one thing, one food item, that you can’t actually can’t live without? Or rather, don’t feel like life is worth living without it? I do, it’s my beloved Cappuccinos. (PS. Disclaimer, I am VERY dramatic)
The sad thing that I have had to admit to myself is that my beloved morning Cappuccinos, afternoon Cappuccinos, and even evening cappuccinos do not love me as much as I love them. It’s the milk the excessive, excessive amount of milk in my beloved cappuccinos. My body just does not like it, like at all. I hate that I have even had to type those words, but… I have to give up Cappuccinos.
Macbooks and cappuccinos

I really just can’t deal with the milk anymore, my body hates it. My heart loves it, but I just can’t anymore. It is quite literally breaking my heart.

I am going to have to start loving black coffee, bulletproof coffee (the idea of putting butter in your coffee is still so weird to me, but I am going to have to try it I can’t live a life without coffee).
I am just never going to reach my weight goals, body goals and ideal jean size if I am still guzzling down cappuccinos like I do.

I am not going to cut out dairy completely but I do drink a lot of milk. I don’t believe in giving up any one thing to reach your weight loss goals, but I do believe in cutting back on it or finding a better alternative. I hate almond milk so that ain’t going to work – but hey, maybe it will grow on me.
I have read that there are a lot of benefits to cutting out dairy. I am hoping to continue losing weight, feel less bloated maybe my skin will even get better (I don’t really have any skin issues to clear but, but maybe I have just gotten used to them and won’t realise until I cut out dairy).

I read this article by Mind Body Green on what happened when she cut down on coffee purely to improve her skin, and all the results she is having are all the kind of results I want. So, here goes nothing. I am giving up cappuccinos, let’s see what happens.
Good lord, I am going to miss my coffee’s in the morning, like a whole lot.

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