About Me

Justine Joy it is a blog authored by me, Justine. Here you’ll find stories about fitness, health, digital marketing, entrepreneurship and a bit about life too, obviously. So it you like all those things, then stick around and read my blog.

I like to keep it real and share stories with you about the struggles I have had, and still have with weight, fitness and trying to adult.
Keeping it real and having fun is important to me if it ain’t fun and it doesn’t feel right then I don’t want to do it.
I love workout gear, am slightly obsessed with sneakers, love taking photos and watching peoples Instagram stories.
During the day, I run my own and run a Digital Marketing Agency with my partner and spend so much time on my client’s social media accounts that I sometimes forget to put effort into my own (I am working on that, it’s a brilliant creative outlet)
I have a cat, Mia who I live for.
And I miss my family (who all live in Zimbabwe) every single day and don’t see them enough.
I wish I knew how to play an instrument and one day I would like to have my own podcast.

If you have a story, destination or product that you think I would dig, then you can mail me – me@justinejoyit.co.za


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