[Album Review] Years & Years – Communion
October 1, 2015 By Justine Joy

So you may not know this about me, but I am really into music. Sadly I don’t play any instruments because my fingers don’t bend (a story for another day) I remember when I first moved to South Africa some 8 years, I asked my Dad for DSTV and he said “No!” just out right […]

Life Update 2.0
September 30, 2015 By Justine Joy

Recently I have been very #Blessed. I hate when people use the #Blessed hashtag (especially if there are a Kardashian), but really I have been very very lucky this year. I hate to say lucky thought because I also work hard, and I am lucky to be considered very good – I wasn’t always though […]

Pilates, check.
August 3, 2015 By Justine Joy

Last Sunday Johlet from New Beginnings Pilates held a free Pilates Class in Maboneng. My initial thoughts when I signed up were “Justine, you are going to be way to hung over on a Sunday morning to make this 9am class but you have said you will be there, so you better get your ass […]

Life Update.
July 31, 2015 By Justine Joy

I have really been neglecting my blog and I think that is due to not really knowing what to talk about, I think it’s a problem a lot of people have when they put their blogs into a category much like mine is. Yes, I started this blog as way to document my weight loss […]

It’s just not working out. Lets break up.
April 23, 2015 By Justine Joy

So, I am going through a break up. A break up with my diet. It is time. It’s just not working anymore. It may be me, but I am not taking the blame on this one. I have been battling with dieting ever since I lost the 50+ kgs about a year ago. I have […]

April 16, 2015 By Justine Joy

Do any of you use Timehop? Its a great app that links to all your social accounts and shows you what you were up on this day 3 or 4 years ago. It’s brilliant and one that you should definitely download. Today my Timehop showed me where I was a few years ago and I […]

Growing up
April 14, 2015 By Justine Joy

It isn’t often that i do a post that is in no way related to fitness, but I just feel like it’s time to start sharing something a little different. There is so much more to my life that getting healthy and going to gym, even if that is my pure focus from Monday to […]

Weekend of Awesome.
April 13, 2015 By Justine Joy

I made an effort to make sure I did a lot of cool stuff this weekend. It’s awesome being busy, I hate when the weekend ends and you feel like you haven’t done anything. I went on a run on Saturday morning, running on treadmills all week is fun and I love it but there […]

Easter Weekend, a summary
April 7, 2015 By Justine Joy

Easter when you are an orphan is never rad. Actually every family holiday sucks when you are an orphan. Let me get this straight though, I am not an orphan in that I have no family, but I am an orphan in that I had no family invitations to do anything over this family holiday. […]

Been there. Ran that. #ThrowbackThursday
April 2, 2015 By Justine Joy

It’s the weekend before Two Oceans marathon and I thought I would do a little throw back piece. Lets go back to 2011 if you will let me. That was the year I decided to do something that would inevitably change my life forever. Yes. Dramatic. 2011 I was severely severely over weight, unhappy and […]

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