The view from my treadmill
November 18, 2011 By Justine Joy

So, this morning my weekly e-mail letting me know what training I have to do got mixed up and instead of sending me week 9, they sent me week 1 (You can imagine how this plays plays with a girls emotions, I was over the moon to realize I have finished and could now run 10km, then […]

Week 8 or rather Week Ache
November 17, 2011 By Justine Joy

So, I am currently in week 8 of my running program, I must admit I am surprised at how fit I have gotten in such a short time. 8 weeks ago I couldn’t run 500m without thinking I was going to have a full on asthma attack, fall off the treadmill and then have to […]


My cousin Gayle and myself (Justine) have decided that we are going to be running the 2 Oceans Half marathon in March next year.  The 7th of March 2012 to be exact. However, I underestimated how unfit I really was. I decided to sign up for the Shape 10km Challenge 8 weeks ago, and am […]

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