On your marks, get set, run!
November 9, 2014

I have caught the running bug again. Lucky for me, it’s one of those bugs that is actually good to catch, unlike that Ebola bug that is currently going around (that you don’t want to catch). It all started when myself and my gym buddie and fellow workout-a-holic Karen (you can follow her here) asked […]

Twenty-Sex. A Summary.
August 28, 2014

On Sunday I turn 27, not a huge milestone in most peoples eyes but a mile stone none the less. I am having some feelings about turning 27, because growth and personal development wise my 26th year is going to be hard to beat. A year ago to day I was starting a new job […]

A break and a big change.
August 12, 2014

I have been a terrible blogger. I guess this is what happens when your life is super duper busy and going through some big changes. Lets chat about the changes firstly. I changed jobs: Change is always good, some say change is as good as a holiday. Well not only did I change my job […]

Enough is Enough
July 13, 2014

Hello. My name is Justine and I have been making excuses for a while. Say hello. The problem with making excuses however it that much like lies, they at some point catch up on you. Right? Right. I have put on weight. That is how my excuses have caught up on me. Weight. I am […]

Working out alone gets boring, so recently I have been doing classes and working out with my friend Lauren (Who made me do dead-lifts almost two weeks ago and I am STILL stiff) Classes are great, I am a big fan of having someone other than yourself push you to do things when you would […]

Solo gymming, it’s not a vibe. Yes many people do it, but you are probably doing whatever you are doing wrong and you probably aren’t seeing really amazing results either. I have started attending classes, and while I have been attending these classes I have noticed a few things that have irritated me highly. I […]

Spinning. It’s a good time. I can see you rolling your eyes at me, stop that. Have you tried a spinning class? If not, get involved in one… It is a good time (your butt will hurt afterwards though, actually I want to have a word with whoever designed bike seats? Who ever it was […]

How to become a morning runner.
June 18, 2014

So, you see people running when it is -5 outside and you are on your way to work and you think you yourself, those people are crazy there must be something wrong in their brains.  I used to be a morning runner, and I am going to share with you my secrets that got me […]

Welcome to the gun show.
June 12, 2014

12 days ago I started my #100DaysOfPushUps challenge, and I am happy to report that I am yet to miss a day.  I have skipped leg days though, but that is a whole another issue altogether. I can happily say that although I am by no means the hulk yet, I am a lot stronger […]

Domestic Goddess (Not really)
June 10, 2014

Anyone who has been invited to my house for dinner knows I am not gifted in the kitchen, (no one ever gets invited to my house to eat, actually.) it’s not that I suck at cooking, it’s just that I hate it.  I don’t understand how anyone can enjoy spending hours making something that takes […]


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