A break and a big change.
August 12, 2014 By Justine Joy

I have been a terrible blogger. I guess this is what happens when your life is super duper busy and going through some big changes. Lets chat about the changes firstly. I changed jobs: Change is always good, some say change is as good as a holiday. Well not only did I change my job […]

Enough is Enough
July 13, 2014 By Justine Joy

Hello. My name is Justine and I have been making excuses for a while. Say hello. The problem with making excuses however it that much like lies, they at some point catch up on you. Right? Right. I have put on weight. That is how my excuses have caught up on me. Weight. I am […]

Working out alone gets boring, so recently I have been doing classes and working out with my friend Lauren (Who made me do dead-lifts almost two weeks ago and I am STILL stiff) Classes are great, I am a big fan of having someone other than yourself push you to do things when you would […]

Solo gymming, it’s not a vibe. Yes many people do it, but you are probably doing whatever you are doing wrong and you probably aren’t seeing really amazing results either. I have started attending classes, and while I have been attending these classes I have noticed a few things that have irritated me highly. I […]

Spinning. It’s a good time. I can see you rolling your eyes at me, stop that. Have you tried a spinning class? If not, get involved in one… It is a good time (your butt will hurt afterwards though, actually I want to have a word with whoever designed bike seats? Who ever it was […]

How to become a morning runner.
June 18, 2014 By Justine Joy

So, you see people running when it is -5 outside and you are on your way to work and you think you yourself, those people are crazy there must be something wrong in their brains.  I used to be a morning runner, and I am going to share with you my secrets that got me […]

Welcome to the gun show.
June 12, 2014 By Justine Joy

12 days ago I started my #100DaysOfPushUps challenge, and I am happy to report that I am yet to miss a day.  I have skipped leg days though, but that is a whole another issue altogether. I can happily say that although I am by no means the hulk yet, I am a lot stronger […]

Domestic Goddess (Not really)
June 10, 2014 By Justine Joy

Anyone who has been invited to my house for dinner knows I am not gifted in the kitchen, (no one ever gets invited to my house to eat, actually.) it’s not that I suck at cooking, it’s just that I hate it.  I don’t understand how anyone can enjoy spending hours making something that takes […]

How I feel after 3 days of pushups
June 3, 2014 By Justine Joy

Day 3 of #100DaysOfPushUps and I basically feel like the hulk, I want to increase the amount I am doing but I also know that one must learn to walk before they run… But seriously I feel like I could pick up a pick up truck.  

June 2, 2014 By Justine Joy

So I have decided to start with #100DaysOfPushUps, cos why not?  Fitness challenges are ALWAYS welcome here. June 1st = The Start of #100DaysOfPushUps. I will be doing 10 push ups a day and adding 5 a week, for 100 days. I started off yesterday with 10 push ups and all I can say is […]


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